Science Behind the Headlines: The Murray-Darling Basin Plan

The latest event in the RiAus‘s Science Behind the Headlines series is titled “The Murray-Darling Basin”. The aim of this series is to explore the science behind topical or newsworthy events to clarify the scientific standpoint or the central conflict in the scientific realm and to delve into why a specific scientific topic might or might not be newsworthy.

Photo by thinboyfatter (Flickr)

Photo by thinboyfatter (Flickr)

This particular event, to be held on Tuesday 20th March at the RiAus, will be about the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. With the release of the plan last year and key dates approaching regarding the end of public consultation periods now is the time to strip away everything but the science from the plan to determine what’s best for the river and what’s best for the country.

In this instalment of Science Behind the Headlines, RiAus Director Dr Paul Willis will host a discussion on the science behind the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Panelists include Prof. Barry Hart, a Member of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and Former Director of the Monash Water Studies; and Dr. Ben Gawne, Director, The Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre.

Professor Barry Hart spoke at the Water Wednesday event hosted by the Environment Institute & AWA SA Branch last week at the The University of Adelaide, his presentation is available to download on our website.

This is a free event, however registration is essential. Please visit the RiAus website for more information.

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