The ACEAS Great Debate: Will European land use devastate Australia’s unique biodiversity?

The RiAus in association with The Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS) present ‘The ACEAS Great Debate.’ This debate will involve some of Australia’s top scientists and land managers debating questions around Australia’s landscape and how our unique diversity has been affected since the arrival of Europeans 224 years ago. Questions that will be covered in the debate include:

  • What are the impacts to the Australian landscape? How has our unique biodiversity been affected?
  • Can a compromise be struck between European land use practices and protecting our unique biodiversity, or should we give up now?
  • And most importantly, how can we plan for a sustainable future?

The debaters are:


Dr Jasmyn Lynch, University of Canberra

Prof. Christopher Johnson, University of Tasmania

Dr David Keith, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW.


Prof. David Bowman, University of Tasmania

Prof. Barry W. Brook University of Adelaide

Prof. Wayne Meyer University of Adelaide

Visiting illuminati from around Australia and the world will also be present at the event.

Find out more and register on the RiAus website

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