ACEBB Guest Speaker: Peter Banks – Podcast now available

Download a podcast of Associate Professor Peter Banks presentation titled, ‘New directions in ecologically based pest management: using behavioural ecology to reduce black rat impacts’ presented by the Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity (ACEBB).

Assoc. Professor Peter Banks, Conservation Biologist at the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Sydney gave a special presentation on Monday 23rd April.

The talk focused on Assoc. Professor Banks research on alien rodents and how he is using manipulative experiments to reveal the nature of rodent impacts on native species, and the functional role of rodents in ecosystem processes. Assoc. Professor Banks also discussed how he is developing a new understanding about the exploitation of social signals by both predator and prey and aiming to generate a new theory on the reactive foraging behaviour of predators and use this theory to solve conservation problems.

Find out more and download the podcast.

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