Is pro-nuclear the best option for our make-or-break century?

Environment Institute members Barry Brook and Corey Bradshaw are taking part in an event held by the Town of Walkerville on Saturday 9th June 2012.

Mayor Heather Wright (Town of Walkerville) invites you to take part in a public conversation on the pro-nuclear power debate. Four scientific professionals and commentators offer four perspectives on a subject that still divides public opinion. The speakers are Professor Barry Brook, Professor Corey Bradshaw, Ben Heard and Geoff Russell.

Whether you are ‘for’ ‘against’ or ‘undecided’, this is your chance to hear why all these experts agree that nuclear power is not only the safest energy source but also the one with the lowest environmental footprint.

When: Saturday 9th June 2012
Where: Walkerville Town Hall, 66 Walkerville Terrace, Gilberton SA

Tickets to this event are free, however registration by Monday 4th June are essential as seating is limited.

To register go to:

To submit questions before the event, please email Sonia DeNicola,

Presented as part of World Environment Day 2012



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2 Responses

  1. Diana Whitehouse says:

    Wouldn’t the post tsunami wash-up involving all of the 50 nuclear reactors in Japan clear up any doubts those of us sitting on the fence may have? Before the tsunami the government and pro-nuke folk largely had control. It would seem that the cat is out of the bag wrt the protest movement in Japan and this is forcing the goverment to justify the existence of every nuclear operation that was running before the tsunami.
    Diana Whitehouse, Murray Bridge.

  2. NoNukes says:

    Wouldn’t the nuclear brainwash of the Nuke Gang be inclined towards full nuclear destruction of Planet Earth ? What about the possible/probable full-scale race war on the horizon directed towards those who insist on nuclear catastrophe ? This seminar is very one-sided and biased (as always).

    Remember Strange Harvest to prevent Human Nuclear Destruction of Planet Earth