New Paper: Human-induced global ocean warming on multidecadal timescales

A new paper involving Peter Gleckler (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Benjamin Santer (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Catia Domingues (Antarctic and Climate Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre), David Pierce (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Tim Barnett (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), John Church (Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research and Wealth from Oceans Flagship), Karl Taylor (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Dr Krishna AchutaRao (Indian Institute of Technology), Timothy Boyer (National Oceanographic Data Center), Masao Ishii (Meteorological Research Institute), Peter Caldwell (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) has been published in the Nature Climate Change journal.

The paper titled ‘Human-induced global ocean warming on multidecadal timescales‘ investigates the causes of ocean warming using improved estimates, combined with results from a large variety of forced and unforced simulations.

Download the paper to read about their findings

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