An update on the ‘Biodiversity Arks’ paper

An update on the ‘Averting a biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas‘ paper, released on the 25th July 2012, which investigates the plight of protected tropical reserves around the planet.

The paper features Professor Corey Bradshaw as a senior author and was covered in this blog release.

A month after the anticipated release of the ‘Biodiversity Arks’ paper we have seen:

242 views of the 90 second YouTube Teaser video created by the Environment Institute.

‘Biodiversity Arks’ YouTube statistics (Click for larger image)

Interestingly, looking at the statistics and Twitter trends from the release date of the paper, the popular social media platform appeared to be abuzz with mentions of ‘biodiversity’ and related terms.

‘Biodiversity Arks’ Twitter statistics (Click for larger image)

The paper was tweeted and broadcast by the globally recognised BBC News, who currently enjoy approximately 3 million followers on Twitter.
Since the paper was released 102 institutions, from all over the world, have tweeted or re-tweeted about the ‘Biodiversity Arks’ paper.

Blogs/Media Releases
The ‘Biodiversity Arks’ paper has been blogged on over 40 different blogs and has been featured in mutliple online releases.
Read the University of Adelaide media release regarding the paper here

As mentioned the paper features Environment Institute member Professor Corey Bradshaw as a senior author, along with over 200 researchers from around the world, and was published in Nature. The lead author of paper is William Laurance (James Cook University).

Download the paper

Visit Corey Bradshaw’s blog

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