New Paper: Climate change and the cockatoo

Berton Harris

A new paper titled ‘Managing the long-term persistence of a rare cockatoo under climate change‘ investigates using combined population and bioclimatic models to estimate the future effects of climate change on the viability of a cockatoo population. Their research revealed that unmitigated climate change is likely to be a substantial threat to the cockatoo.

The paper involves Environment Institute members Berton Harris, Damien Fordham, David Paton, Michael Stead, Michael Watts and Barry Brook as well as Patricia Mooney (Department of Environment and Heritage), Lynn Pedler (Department of Environment and Heritage), Miguel Araújo (National Museum of Natural Sciences) and Reşit Akçakaya (Stony Brook University). The paper was published in the Journal of Applied Ecology

Download the paper to read about their findings

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