EI member wins Future Fellowship

Environment Institute member Assoc. prof. Ivan Nagelkerken was recently announced as a winner of a Future Fellowship for funding commencing in 2012 by the Australian Research Council. Ivan’s project title is ‘Ocean acidification and rising sea temperature: What happens to the fish?’

Ivan Nagelkerken

Congratulations are also awarded to the other 8 successful applicants from the University of Adelaide.

A full list of the successful Future Fellowship applicants can be found here.

Summary of Ivan’s Proposal:

Fish populations worldwide are currently suffering unprecedented stress. Ocean biodiversity and ecosystem viability are clearly being threatened by climate change. However, our knowledge of marine ecosystems and their inhabitants is piecemeal and much more empirical evidence is urgently needed in order to understand precisely what underlying mechanisms regulate biodiversity of coastal marine communities and how stressors such as ocean acidification and temperature are affecting them. I will study the behaviour, physiology, and competitive ability of selected fish species subjected to these stressors and develop models that can more realistically predict changes in local biodiversity and the dynamics of marine populations.


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