TEDx Adelaide Forum 4 May 2013

Environment Institute member Alan Cooper will be speaking at this year’s TEDx Adelaide forum on Saturday 4 May 2013.TEDx 2013

TEDx is a ideas forum and this year’s theme is Explore. Some of the brightest minds in the state will be discussing what it means to explore, what we explore and why.

Where: Bonython Hall, 231-232 North Terrace, Adelaide
When: Saturday 4 May 2013
Time: 12pm-6pm
Cost: $65 + booking fee


Session 1

Will Tamblyn & Gavin Smith: Open Volumetric: 3D holographic visualisation. Building a robot with a holographic head, before holographic projectors existed.

Kiera Lindsey: Lecturer in Australian History & Australian Studies, University of South Australia: Exploration tropes. How tropes of expectation and approach, discovery and disappointment, mystery and knowing are inherent to the concept of exploration.

Lucas Lovell: Exploring the Gobi Desert. Being forced to explore personal capacity and connect with the natural world in one of the world’s most stimulating environments.

Alan Cooper: Australian Centre for Ancient DNA: Using ancient DNA to track the impacts of human evolution on our bacteria and our health.

Kirsty Stark: Wastelander Panda: Exploring Opportunities Online.

Moira Deslandes: Resignation. Lessons from the inside, exploring the frontier of resignation.

Session 2

Larissa McGowan: Choreographer

Mike Lee: SA Museum: Technological change and alien encounters: Lessons from the fossil record. What will our world be like 100 years from now? What will aliens look like? The history of life on earth, as preserved in the fossil record, provides some disconcerting answers.

Peter Burdon: University of Adelaide, Wild Law. Law perpetuates the ecological crisis and needs to be radically reconfigured to facilitate a viable human presence on the Earth.

Travis TJ Ransom: Parkour

Sarah Agnew: On grace and humanity. The gift of story is an invitation into grace and healing, as we explore the human experience together.

Session 3

Drinks in Mezzanine at Hub Central


More information on the speakers can be found on the TEDx Adelaide homepage.

To find out more about the event see the TEDx event page.

To buy tickets visit the TEDx order page.

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