Prof Chris Stringer on The Origins of Our Species


Professor Chris StringerThe University of Adelaide and the South Australian Museum present Professor Chris Stringer, Merit Researcher in the Earth Sciences Department at the Natural History Museum in London, on Friday 12 July 2013.

The presentation is titled ‘The Origins of Our Species’ and examines human evolution from Neanderthals to modern humans.


When: Friday 12 July 2013
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Where: The Braggs lecture theatre, North Terrace Campus (map)
Bookings: register your interest

All welcome!


Evidence points strongly to Africa as the major centre for the genetic, physical and behavioural origins of both ancient and modern humans, but new discoveries are prompting to re-think of some aspects of our evolutionary origins, including the likelihood of interbreeding between archaic humans – Neanderthals for example – and modern humans.

The University of Adelaide and South Australian Museum proudly welcome Professor Chris Stringer; world-renowned palaeontologist, author and Research Leader of Human Origins at the Natural History Museum, London, to address the community on the Origin of Our Species.

Professor Chris Stringer’s early research was on the relationship of Neanderthals and early modern humans in Europe, but through his work on the Recent African Origin model for modern human origins, he now collaborates with archaeologists, dating specialists and geneticists in attempting to reconstruct the evolution of modern humans globally. He has excavated at sites in Britain and abroad, and is currently leading the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project in its third phase (AHOB3), funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Join us to discover more about our origin at this fascinating presentation.

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