FOUR in 40: What is the outlook for SA’s water dependent ecosystems?

Four in 40 Seminar is presented by the Water Research Centre and the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

When: Tuesday 26th August, 2014, 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Where: Flinders Street Baptist Church Hall 65 Flinders St.


Seth Westra, School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering University of Adelaide
Projected changes to South Australian streamflow due to climate change

Alex Osti, DEWNR
Projected changes to the surface water resources of Kangaroo Island associated with
climate change

Claire Harding, DEWNR
Predicting the risk of climate change to groundwater dependent ecosystems – a case
study in the South East of SA

David Deane, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences,
University of Adelaide
Linear vs non-linear responses in groundwater-dependent ecosystems – considering the dynamics of change

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Four in 40
 is a collaboration between the Water Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and SA Water, where 4 speakers speak for 10 minutes each on their research and its implications.

The purpose of Four in 40 seminars is to build an understanding of how these organisations can best work with each other and build new business, whilst raising awareness of activity being undertaken in water policy, NRM policy and research.


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