Two Environment Institute Research Projects featured in Top 30 SA Innovations Book

Adelaide Advancing” is a publication recently produced by Adelaide Research and Innovation. It features two of the Environment Institute’s current research projects.

The first is the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem Development Initiative, headed up by Professor Bronwyn Gillanders.

The second is a project led by Professor Andrew Lowe, which involves using plant DNA barcoding to track illegally logged timber.






” ‘Adelaide Advancing’ features 30 case studies of successful innovation, together with the stories of 10 Innovation Champions – organisations that been able to change their business (and sometimes the world) for the better thanks to Adelaide researchers. As you will see, these examples span a great breadth of activity. Even so, they are just the tip of an iceberg of positive engagement between researchers and the private and public sector.”

The book is available for free, you can order or download a copy.

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