Life story of the nautilus, ancient teeth, local climate change solutions. The Environment Institute Annual Report 2013.

It’s not your average annual report, and that’s because the research we do here is anything but average and definitely not boring!

Read our annual report to find out more about the research to emerge from the institute in 2013, including:

  • Natural resource management planning taking into account six new “emerging economies”
  • Environment Institute leaders delivering leadership on climate change including data showing that the dominant role of humans in climate change is undeniable
  • Our marine biology researchers explain how local climate change solutions can help mitigate the effects of global changes
  • Newly appointed Professor Peter Ward explains the link between the nautilus, mass extinctions and the potential life saving attributes of hydrogen sulfide
  • Ancient teeth providing secrets to modern day health

Also included are Environment Institute highlights:

  • Grant success
  • Top 20 publications
  • Awards & commendations

Click here to read the report.

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