Spencer Gulf project makes waves through Adelaide

The Spencer Gulf Ecosystem and Development Initiative has attracted media attention this week as Port Pirie lead smelter, Nyrstar joins the growing list of industry leaders currently supporting the project.

The Advertiser, Business Journal. 11th November 2014

“This initiative is unique because it is the first time a truly holistic approach is being undertaken with all the key players” said Professor Bronwyn Gillanders to the Advertiser on Tuesday last week.

Bronwyn has also appeared on Ewart Shaw’s Radio Adelaide’s program Orbit to talk about what kicked off the project, what the response from mining and other industries has been, and what is on the current agenda for the initiative.

Although many industries have their own individual environmental impact statements, Bronwyn points out that until now there has been nothing in place to monitor and manage the cumulative and multiple effects as a result of numerous industries working in the Gulf.

The benefits of an integrated approach to marine management are already becoming apparent as representatives from industries come together for board meetings. This active engagement is leading to sharing of data and environment impact statements which has the potential to save industry time and expense.

Next on the agenda for the initiative is an assessment of ports and shipping in the Gulf.

Listen to Ewart Shaw’s interview with Professor Bronwyn Gillanders.

The Spencer Gulf Ecosystem and Development project was recently named as one of the state’s top innovations in a publication entitled “Adelaide Advancing”.

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