Professor Peter Ward appointed Director of Sprigg Geobiology Centre

Professor Peter Ward has been appointed as Director of the Sprigg Geobiology Centre following the departure of Professor Martin Kennedy. The Environment Institute is very fortunate to have a person of Peter’s experience and quality to take on this role.

Peter Ward diving with the Nautilus in their natural habitat off New Caledonia, near the Great Barrier Reef

Professor Peter Ward on his appointment: “I am both humbled and excited about this opportunity.” Peter is currently working for 10 weeks in Seattle on an international project with will only enhance the global reputation of the Sprigg Geobiology Centre. Peter has also flown his honours students to Seattle to ensure their hands on instruction.

Peter’s research was recently featured in the eScience magazine. To find out more about Professor Ward’s fascinating research into mass extinctions and one of the oldest living species on earth, the Nautilus in his TED talk:

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