Marine Biologist Dr Sarah Catalano wins research awards

The Environment Institute congratulates Dr Sarah Catalano on winning numerous 2014 research awards.

In January 2014 Sarah was awarded the Dean’s Commendation in Doctoral Thesis Excellence for her PhD project: Using mesozoan dicyemid paracites to infer the population structure of giant Australian cuttlefish, sepia apama, in southern Australian waters. Only candidates who have produced a thesis of excellent quality are eligible for this award, which was advocated by both of Sarah’s thesis examiners.

Sarah’s PhD was completed in 2014 with Professor Bronwyn Gillanders, Associate Professor Ian Whittington and Professor Steve Donnellan as her supervisors.

Sarah receiving the Harold Woolhouse award from Bob Hill the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences

She won the SA Channel 9 Young Achiever Award in the Flinders Port Holding Environment category in March 2014, and the SA Science Excellence Awards in PhD Research Excellence in the Life and Environmental Sciences Category in August  2014. In December 2014 Sarah also won the Harold Woolhouse Prize for best PhD thesis produced in the Faculty of Sciences.

Working with Professor Steve Donnellan in the Evolutionary Biology Unit of the South Australian Museum, Sarah is currently working on a joint ARC – linkage project investigating dicyemid paracites and their unusual mitochondrial genome, as well as characterising the molecular genetics of their cuttlefish host.

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