Science in the Pub WOMAD Planet Talks collaboration – “Sustaining Life: can humans, wildlife and agriculture coexist?”

WOMAD Planet Talks and Science in the Pub Adelaide have teamed up to bring us a free pre-festival event – “Sustaining Life: can humans, wildlife and agriculture coexist?”

When: Friday 6th February 2015, 6pm (arrive at 5:30 for free nibbles and a seat)
Where: The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide
Cost: Free, please register for this event. (PLUS: everyone attending the event has the chance to also win WOMAD tickets and ticket to hit Fringe shows Smashed and Soap!)

It’s going to be a stimulating evening for both the brain and liver featuring WOMADelaide 2015 Planet Talks speakers and food security and Genomics expert Peter Langridge, the Environment Institute’s Andrew Lowe and Jodie Pain from Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

1) Professor Peter Langridge: Professor at the University of Adelaide and Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
Introduction to the broader problem: we have a growing human population and a changing world and somehow have to keep up with food production. Discussion of research into plant breeding strategies and GMOs as options for maintaining food security.

2) Jodie Pain: Sustainable agriculture officer & training coordinator for the Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources
Discussion of some practical techniques for improving the sustainability of horticulture and sheep/cattle farming and viticulture practices in South Australia, with examples of how things have worked (or not worked). Bridging into examples of how biodiversity can improve sustainability.

3) Professor Andrew Lowe: Professor and Chair of Plant Conservation Biology at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, Head of Science at the State Herbarium
The importance of biodiversity, how we are tracking biodiversity in South Australia & AU (TREND/TERN/ALA etc), the ability of plants to respond to climate change, and wrapping up with how biodiversity and food stability can co-exist.

The goal of Science in the Pub is to promote understanding of and enthusiasm for science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM) in the general public. The idea of holding these meetings in a pub allows this scipub to reach people who may be discouraged or intimidated by events held in the traditional academic sphere.

This is a free event and what’s more, everyone attending the event has the chance to also win WOMAD tickets and ticket to hit Fringe shows Smashed and Soap.

The WOMADelaide Planet Talks will this year feature Professor Bronwyn Gillanders from the Environment Institute, to talk on the topic “Creating hope for our oceans and marine environment”. Find out more.

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