Environment Institute researcher Bronwyn Gillanders to headline WOMAD Planet Talks

Professor of Marine Biology Bronwyn Gillanders will present at the WOMAD Planet Talks this weekend, to a theme entitled “Creating Hope For Our Oceans And Marine Environments.”

When: 3pm, Monday 9th March, 2015
Where: Botanic Park, Adelaide
Bookings: Organise tickets on the WOMADelaide website.

See Bronwyn with fellow marine scientists, Sylvia Earle and Charlie Veron in session 5 at 3pm on the topic: “Repairing the Blue Heart of our Planet”

Host: Bernie Hobbs

Marine experts have warned that we are in the middle of an unprecedented high-risk period of marine species extinction. On our watch the world’s oceans and natural wonders like The Great Barrier Reef have borne the brunt of a potent combination of over-fishing, pollution, unparalleled mining and farming run-offs, the acidification of the seas caused by increasing carbon dioxide emissions and the disruptive results of rising water temperature disruption. Our panel, three highly regarded marine scientists, discuss the vast challenge ahead to reverse these dire predictions for our blue heart. As Sylvia Earle herself said. “Life depends on the ocean, and to save it we must love it.”

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