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Professor Corey Bradshaw

Professor Corey Bradshaw
from Adelaide University’s Environment Institute was one of four scientists interviewed for Aspire Magazine’s Feb/Mar 2015 edition.

Professor Bradshaw, a conservation ecologist, is global ecology co-director, director of ecological modelling and chair of climate change at Adelaide University.

Corey’s passion about the importance of scientific research into climate change, and its impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity comes through in his recent interview with Aspire Magazine.

“About 90 percent of Australians live in cities. The environment ceases to be a priority because people don’t see its complexity, but it’s our life support system. One in three mouthfuls we eat is due to pollination by animals, mostly bees. To hand-pollinate our crops would require the population of China.”

Read the full interview here, or to find out more about global ecology, visit the Environment Institute website.

Corey Bradshaw’s interview was published in Aspire Magazine, Feb/Mar 2015 edition.

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