From the Cambrian of Kangaroo Island to the Ordovician of Morocco

Dr Diego Garcia-Bellido recently presented at the April 2015 Sprigg Lecture Series, held at the South Australian Museum.

In his lecture entitled ‘From the Cambrian of Kangaroo Island to the Ordovician of Morocco,’ Dr Garcia-Bellido explored the Cambrian (541–485 million years ago or ‘Ma’) and the Ordovician (485–458 Ma) periods, which saw the sudden appearance of most major animal groups, with never before known anatomies and functionalities.

Dr Diego García-Bellido’s lecture looked at the significant rise in the complexity of these ecosystems.

Through information obtained by Cambrian fossils from areas such as the Burgess Shale in Canada, Chengjiang in China and Emu Bay Shale in Australia, he was able to compare them with new Ordovician soft-bodied faunas discovered in Morocco – the Fezouata and Tafilat biotas.

You can listen to the lecture in its entirety here.

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