Global challenge to ensure access to clean and safe water

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A report of the Open Working Group of the United Nations General Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals was submitted to the Assembly in August 2014, and contained 17 goals with 169 targets covering a broad range of sustainable development issues. The UN Chronicle commissioned papers to take a closer look at those proposed sustainable development goals. 

Associate Professor Justin Brookes, Director of the Water Research Centre at Adelaide University’s Environment Institute, was invited to write a piece for the UN Chronicle on Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

In his article, Associate Professor Brookes highlights that having access to clean, safe water is essential to sustain civilisation.

Professor Brookes proposes sustainable development goal 6 can be achieved by applying four main principles:
1. Separating drinking water from waste water
2. Accessing and treating drinking water
3. Protecting and restoring fresh water ecosystems
4. Guaranteeing water access and water rights
To find out more information about sustainable management of water and sanitation read the full article by Associate Professor Justin Brookes.
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