News story: SA Museum research shows Mount Lofty Ranges bandicoots need room to mingle


Professor Steve Cooper, Principal Researcher at the SA Museum and an affiliate of the University of Adelaide was recently interviewed for a news article about his research into the southern brown bandicoots’ inability to easily move around the SA landscape to mix and breed with other bandicoots.

The three main areas these bandicoots are found is in the Mount Lofty Ranges, Kangaroo Island and the south-east of South Australia.

Reduction in population size, negative genetic effects of inbreeding and ultimately extinction of the species could result if something isn’t done to help them. Land managers also need to take note of the research.

“Based on our study there needs to be more habitat corridors established to enable the animals to move around the landscape and with that will come larger and healthier populations,” said Professor Cooper.

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