Congratulations to Environment Institute Graduates

Congratulations to Heidi Alleway, Thomas Barnes, Judith Giraldo, Gretchen Grammer, Nastaran Mazloumi and Chloe McSkimming from the Marine Biology group and Jennifer Shaw (ACAD).


From Left:  Judith Giraldo, Bob Hill, Chris Izzo, Bronwyn Gillanders, Sean Connell, Gretchen Grammer, Heidi Alleway, Zoe Doubleday, Chloe McSkimming and Nastaran Mazloumi.


From left: Chris Izzo, Steve Richards, Bronwyn Gillanders, Jennifer Shaw (ACAD), Gretchen Grammer, Zoe Doubleday, Chloe McSkimming, Heidi Alleway, Judith Giraldo

Watch all of the action unfold below:


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