May Publications: Garden of Eden alternatives, understanding flood hazards and feral pigs with the flu

This list is harvested from the University of Adelaide’s Aurora. Some articles may not appear in this list if they have not been yet added to the register.

  1. Argent, R. M., Sojda, R. S., Guipponi, C., McIntosh, B., Voinov, A. A., & Maier, H. R. (2016). Best practices for conceptual modelling in environmental planning and management. [10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.02.023]. Environmental Modelling and Software, 80(C), 113-121. doi:
  2. Breed, M. F., Lowe, A. J., & Mortimer, P. E. (2016). Restoration: ‘Garden of Eden’ unrealistic. [10.1038/533469d]. Nature, 533(7604), 469-469. doi:
  3. Dalziel, A. E., Peck, H. A., Hurt, A. C., Cooke, J., & Cassey, P. (2016). Proposed Surveillance for Influenza A in Feral Pigs. [10.1007/s10393-016-1126-8]. EcoHealth, 1-5. doi:
  4. Dichmont, C. M., Dutra, L. X. C., Owens, R., Jebreen, E., Thompson, C., Deng, R. A., . . . Playford, J. (2016). A generic method of engagement to elicit regional coastal management options. [10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2016.02.003]. Ocean and Coastal Management, 124(C), 22-32. doi:
  5. Johnson, F., White, C. J., van Dijk, A., Ekstrom, M., Evans, J. P., Jakob, D., . . . Westra, S. (2016). Natural hazards in Australia: floods. [10.1007/s10584-016-1689-y]. Climatic Change, 1-15. doi:
  6. Kittel, R. N., Austin, A. D., & Klopfstein, S. (2016). Molecular and morphological phylogenetics of chelonine parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), with a critical assessment of divergence time estimations. [10.1016/j.ympev.2016.05.016]. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution. doi:
  7. Mitchell, K. J., Scanferla, A., Soibelzon, E., Bonini, R., Ochoa, J., & Cooper, A. (2016). Ancient DNA from the extinct South American giant glyptodont Doedicurus sp. (Xenarthra: Glyptodontidae) reveals that glyptodonts evolved from Eocene armadillos. [10.1111/mec.13695]. Molecular ecology. doi:
  8. Shaw, J. L. A., Clarke, L. J., Wedderburn, S. D., Barnes, T. C., Weyrich, L. S., & Cooper, A. (2016). Comparison of environmental DNA metabarcoding and conventional fish survey methods in a river system. [10.1016/j.biocon.2016.03.010]. Biological Conservation, 197(C), 131-138. doi:
  9. Turner, D., Clarke, K., Lewis, M., & Ostendorf, B. Using MODIS and Landsat NDVI dynamics as indicators of native vegetation management in a heterogeneous and highly fragmented landscape. Ecological Indicators, In Review.
  10. Wu, W., Maier, H. R., Dandy, G. C., Leonard, R., Bellette, K., Cuddy, S., & Maheepala, S. (2016). Including stakeholder input in formulating and solving real-world optimisation problems: Generic framework and case study. [10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.02.012]. Environmental Modelling and Software, 79(C), 197-213. doi:
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