Seminar: The Atlas of Living Australia

Dr John La Salle, Director of the Atlas of Living Australia at the CSIRO will present a seminar entitled “The Atlas of Living Australia: supporting biodiversity discovery, documentation and analysis”.

John Laselle


The Atlas of Living Australia is a globally recognised web based infrastructure to capture, aggregate, manage and analyse all classes of biodiversity data – as well as 470 associated spatial layers – for use by research, industry, government and the community. The ALA currently holds over 60 million records of more than 110,000 different species from across Australia and the region. Usage and adoption is illustrated by over 7.2 billion records having been downloaded for use to date, an average of 15,000 users per week and almost 20 new publications per month mentioning ALA. This talk will discuss the main components of the Atlas systems, and give examples of using Atlas tools to support research, education, biodiversity discovery and documentation, and environmental planning and monitoring.

Title: The Atlas of Living Australia: supporting biodiversity discovery, documentation and analysis
When: 9am, Friday 15 July, 2016
Where: Benham Lecture Theatre

For more information about “The visualizations transforming biology” take a look at the fantastic imagery and illustrations in this article published in Nature, which references the John La Salle, and the Atlas of Living Australia.


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