Catching the second Ediacara wave – PDU2 Adelaide 2016

The Palaeo Down Under 2 Conference is on in Adelaide this week, and for those that couldn’t make it, Monday’s keynote lecture is now online.

Entitled “Catching the second Ediacara wave: ecology and biology of the Ediacara Biota as recorded in South Australia” this engaging research is presented by Prof. Mary L. Droser, of the University of California, USA.

Prof Droser refers to the new action plan “The First Animal Life on Earth: An Action Plan for South Australia’s Ediacaran Fossils has been developed to provide a framework on how we can protect South Australia’s unique geological heritage, the Ediacaran Fossils.

The plan outlines actions for how we will work together to ensure this legacy is protected, celebrated, and shared with the world.

Check the website for the remaining keynote speakers for the week.

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