Free eBook explores the Ediacaran fossils of the Flinders Ranges

The discovery of fossils at Ediacara, Flinders Ranges changed our understanding of geology and now, a new e-book uncovers the mysteries of this important discovery.

The e-book, entitled Ediacaran Fossils of the Flinders Ranges, was developed by the South Australian Museum, aided by the University of Adelaide’s Felicity Coutts. Readers will discover the process of fossilisation, the importance of the fossil discovery at the Flinders Ranges and the birth of a new geological time period: the Ediacaran period.

The Ediacara period occured from 635 – 541 million years ago. The period was officially recognised as a unique geological time period following research by South Australia’s very own, Reg Sprigg.

Featuring photographs, illustrations, videos and more, the e-book is free and available now!



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