Ocean warming and acidification are changing shark behaviour

sharksAs the Earth’s oceans warms, sea-dwelling creatures experience a raft of changes. While much attention has been directed towards small-bodied fishes, we know relatively little about the effects of ocean warming and acidification on large predators like sharks.

A new publication by the Environment Institute’s Jennifer Pistevos, Associate Professor Ivan Nagelkerken, Dr Tullio Rossi and Professor Sean Connell has uncovered the climate-sensitive metabolic and behavioural changes of large predators.

The paper, entitled “Antagonistic effects of ocean acidification and warming on hunting sharks” was published in August, 2016 in Oikos.

The research has already received extensive media coverage, with Channel 9 producing a news special. The video was broadcast during the 6pm news on the 17th of August, and the Facebook upload received more than 50,000 hits within 24 hours. For more from this research group, you can read an interview by Assoc. Prof Nagelkerken with Discover Magazine.




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