Sprigg Seminar Series 2017

The Sprigg Geobiology Centre is hosting an exciting seminar series with presentations from distinguished speakers followed by open discussion and audience participation. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Seminars start at 12.10pm on Fridays in the Mawson Lecture Theatre* – Mawson Building

Date Presenter Affiliation/Title Organiser
3/03/2017 Martin Dietzel Graz Uni (Austria): Fractionation of Trace Elements and Isotopes during Crystallization of Calcium Carbonates in Aquatic Systems Sprigg
7/04/2017 Petra Marschner Nutrient cycling in the soil-plant system – driven by microbes and influenced by microbes and influenced by many factors Sprigg
19/05/2017 Lucas Cernusak James Cook University: Novel insights into photosynthetic gas exchange revealed by stable isotopes Sprigg
2/06/2017 Damien Fordham UoA: Predicting and mitigating biodiversity loss in shifing climates using long-term ecological proxies Sprigg
28/07/2017 René Tamblyn
Ho Yin Li
UoA – Hand:
UoA – Heinson:
Phd Students
11/08/2017 Nicholas Fernie
Richard Lewis
UoA – Glorie:
UoA – Tibby:
Phd Students
18/08/2017 To be confirmed To be confirmed Sprigg
1/09/2017 Yuexiao Shao
V. Pavan Katuru
UoA – Farkas:
UoA – Collins:
Phd Students
8/09/2017 To be confirmed To be confirmed Sprigg
20/10/2017 To be confirmed To be confirmed Sprigg

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