TV Spotlight for Frank Reith

Research from the EI has a huge international impact, as shown in a special episode of a German TV show featuring our very own Dr Frank Reith.

Dr Frank Reith, aka the Man with the Gold Bug, has been featured in a TV special for German station ZDF. Reith was featured on Leschs Kosmos, a science program hosted by Professor Harald Lesch, the German version of Dr Karl.

In an episode titled Mythical Gold, Lesch explores how gold is produced in times of declining exploration success and grades. The program shows how large and small-scale gold mining affects the planet and how the ‘value and price’ of gold are determined. Reith acted as a scientific advisor for the episode, providing expertise, video footage, photographs and of course, his own internationally-renowned research.

Reith has recently published in the prestigious journal Chemical Geology on gold’s geological cycle. Using advanced analytical techniques, Reith and his team discovered that gold transformed into the natural world within tens of years, incredibly rapid in geological terms.

Leschs Kosmos: Mythical Gold was broadcast Germany-wide on the 7th of March at 23.00 local time. Unfortunately, no subtitles are available at this time but if you can understand German, you can catch the episode below.


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