Workshop: The Other Side of Scientific Writing

The Environment Institute’s Dr Zoe Doubleday and Professor Sean Connell will host a workshop on scientific writing as part of the Faculty of Sciences’ Researcher Development series.

Title: The Other Side of Scientific Writing: Increasing Reader Engagement and Readership
When: 12 – 1pm, Friday, 21 April, 2017
Where: 213/214 Meeting Room, The Braggs
Cost: Free, but bookings essential. RSVP by 18 April

Publications are the universal currency for communication among scientists. But they can often be composed of dense, uninspiring language that can be laborious to wade through and difficult to understand. While objectivity and scholarship are cornerstones of scientific writing, there is another ingredient that is rarely emphasised or taught: the accessibility of the prose, the X-factor that captures the reader’s imagination with clear and engaging messages.

In this workshop, Zoë Doubleday and Sean Connell explore how to increase the readability and readership of your writing to boost its influence.

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