ABC Science Show highlights the oldest known evidence of Aboriginal settlement

This Saturday Giles Hamm, archaeologist and Honorary Fellow of the South Australian Museum will feature on ABC Radio National’s Science Show.

Tune in to hear Giles talk about the recent discovery of the Warratyi rock shelter located in the Flinders Ranges. The rock shelter contains the first reliably dated human interaction with mega fauna, with fossils dating to be 49,000 years old. This is 10,000 years earlier than the previous oldest-known site.

Giles Hamm worked with geochronology specialists at the University of Adelaide Dr Lee Arnold and Professor Nigel Spooner, in collaboration researchers University of Melbourne, Flinders University and the University of Queensland.

They have worked for the last nine years with the Adnyamathanha people in the Flinders Ranges.

Mr Coulthard, a co-author of the recent study, published in Nature who is also a member of the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association said the Adnyamathanha people were proud and happy about the discovery and interested to know how it would be received.


The ABC RN Science show will air at 12.05pm on Saturday on ABC Radio National 729AM

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