Oyster Reef Restoration in Gulf St Vincent Project receives media attention

This morning Environment Institute member Dr Dominic Mcafee and Prof Sean Connell’s article in The Conversation was published. It was consequently also sent out in the daily the Conversation email of top stories.

The Conversation article covers the history of the Oyster Reefs in Australia and their benefits to the marine environment they foster and support. For example, Dr Mcafee and Prof Connell demonstrate their importance to healthy communities by acting as the “kidneys” of the ocean, “a solitary oyster can filter about 100 litres of water a day“.

This $4.2 million dollar restoration is being conducted by PIRSA, The Nature Conservancy, Ian Potter and The Environment Institute, and will result in 18,000 tonnes of limestone forming the basis for a 20 hectare reef. This article was also covered by Indaily and Australian Geographic


Read Dominic’s guest post exclusively for the Environment Institute here

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