Sprigg Seminar: Naracoorte’s fossil caves: extraordinary windows into Australia’s recent past

Don’t miss an opportunity to hear Dr Liz Reed speak!

Hot off the success ARC Linkage grant with Dr Lee Arnold, Dr Liz Reed will be speaking at the South Australian Museum on the 15 August from 6-7pm.

Dr Liz Reed has been involved in the Naracoorte caves since she was inspired during an undergraduate field trip in 1995. She will talk about her work with the cave deposits in the last twenty years and the importance of the site and region’s palaeontology, heritage, conservation and history.

Dr. Reed is a Research Fellow in palaeontology with the Environment Institute and Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

Her current research involves the study of cave deposits in the South East region of South Australia, Nullarbor and Tasmania. She is particularly interested in reconstructing past environments and biodiversity from cave deposits, and also the processes that lead to fossil accumulation. Dr. Reed is also a keen historian of the Naracoorte Caves. Her interest in caves extends to conservation, heritage management, interpretation, education and ecotourism.

For tickets and more information see the Eventbrite page here

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