Seminar: Ancient Australia: a talk with Giles Hamm and Cliff Coulthard

Archaeologist and Honorary Fellow of the South Australian Museum Giles Hamm and Adnyamathanha elder Cliff Coulthard recently discovered evidence that Aboriginal people have lived in the Flinders Ranges for over 45,000 years!

Do not miss this opportunity to see Giles and Cliff speak!

Giles worked with the Adnyamathanha people in recent discovery of the Warratyi rock shelter located in the Flinders Ranges, which was published in Nature earlier this year with Cliff Coulthard as an author.
The rock shelter contains the first reliably dated human interaction with mega fauna, with fossils dating to be 49,000 years old. This is 10,000 years earlier than the previous oldest-known site.

When: 1pm Thursday 13th July
Where: Pacific Cultures Gallery
Ages: 10+
Bookings essential through Eventbrite here

Listen to Giles talk on The Science Show with Robin Williams earlier this year about this amazing discovery.

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