Congratulations to our Tall Poppy Winners!

A big congratulations to the Environment Institute’s Dr Zoe Doubleday and Dr Laura Weyrich, who have been awarded prestigious Tall Poppy Awards.

The Tall Poppy Awards recognise world-class researchers with a passion and commitment to communicating science. The awards are presented by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.

This year, 8 South Australians were honoured with a Tall Poppy Award, including two members of the Environment Institute: Dr Zoe Doubleday and Dr Laura Weyrich.

Dr Zoe Doubleday is a Research Fellow in marine ecology in the School of Biological Sciences. Recent research by Dr Doubleday made international headlines, showing that cephalopods numbers are rising in oceans, bucking the trend of many other marine species. Dr Doubleday is also actively investigating ways scientific writing can be improved to facilitate communication among scientists and to be able to transfer scientific knowledge to the outside world. She continues to engage with media and other science communication channels about the future of our oceans.

Dr Laura Weyrich is an ARC DECRA Fellow at the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA. Dr Weyrich’s research investigates the history of the human microbiome (the healthy bacteria that live in humans) using ancient DNA. She was the first person to reassemble the microbiome of an extinct species, the Neandertals, which captured global interest. She has been leading a microbiology outreach program for school children.

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