New species of bat described; named after Sir David Attenborough

A study published in the Journal of Mammology and featured as a news story in Nature, has names a new species of mammal. Myotis attenboughi is a new species of bat from Trinidad and Tobago, it is the only mammal species endemic to both the island of Tobago and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

This research was lead by Campus Fiocruz da Mata Atlântica, Brasil with collaborations with the National Museum of Natural History, DC, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janiero, Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Universidade de Brasilia and the University of Adelaide.

Professors Ricardo Moratelli, Eliécer E. Gutiérrez and Kris Helgen were invited to present Sir David Attenborough with his newly named species Myotis attenboroughi at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

krishelgen kris

Photos courtesy of Prof Kris Helgen



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