Jenna Crowe-Riddell chosen as a 2017 Fresh Scientist

Fresh Science is a national competition helping early-career researchers to become spokespeople for science. As part of the program EMCR will receive three days of science communication training and present at the Fresh Science in the Pub event.

Jenna Crowe-Riddell is a Fulbright Scholar and is currently completing her PhD with Dr Kate Sanders who is a Future Fellow and Senior member of the Environment Institute.

Jenna is studying the evolutionary biology of vertebrate sensory systems, with a focus in particular on sea snakes and published a paper this in Open Biology, a journal published by the Royal Society Publishing.

This paper investigated the transition from of snakes from land to sea and has an altmetric score of >100.
She also is a prolific blog writer on her website where she documented her trip to Florida on the Fulbright Scholarship as well as the latest research updates.

We congratulate Jenna on her success in becoming a Fresh Scientist of the Year. Come along to support her and hear her present at the Fresh Science in the Pub event this Wed 8 Nov.




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