Sean Connell will speak at Science in the Pub in March

This month’s theme of Science in the Pub is “Re-wilding: The restoration of habitat to its natural state”

How do we re-wild our environment? Why should we re-wild habitats? What are the advantages of re-wilding? Re-wilding is the restoration of habitat to its natural state.
To restore an ecosystem so that little to no management of the habitat is required to maintain the environment. Join us at “Science in the Pub” to find out more about re-wilding.

WHERE: Friday 2nd March at the Rob Roy Hotel (106 Halifax Street in the city).
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (this is earlier than usual so take note!)

Professor Sean Connell – Oyster Reef Restoration

Dr Jennie Fluin – NRM Research Facillitator, DEWNR

Prof Chris Daniels – Chair of Adelaide and Mt Lofty NRM Board, University of South Australia

Grab your tickets quick!

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