Sprigg Seminar Series – Dr. Emma Sherratt – The Shape of Life

Sprigg lecture series: Dr Emma Sherratt – The shape of life, and the museum of possible forms

Date: Tuesday 9th October, 2018
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Where: Adelaide Museum
(the Museum will open to guests at 5:30pm, with a complimentary glass of wine available prior to the talk)

Animal life is remarkable in its diversity, particularly in the variety of shapes and sizes we see around us today, and in some ways even more remarkably in those life forms that have long gone extinct. How does this variation come about? And is it limited in its possibilities, or infinite? Dr Emma Sherratt will talk about the scientific study of animal form and whether evolution has explored all of the possibilities.

Dr Emma Sherratt is a Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide, and she is originally from Great Britain. She is a world expert in the analysis of animal form and evolution. Her research spans animals big and small, from sea snakes to scallops, frogs to fossil lizards, and mammals to cuckoo eggs.

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