Sprigg Geobiology Centre students make their mark at the Australasian Quaternary Association Biennial Conference

We’re delighted to announce, students from Sprigg Geobiology Centre were successful at the recent Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA) biennial conference held in Canberra. Adelaide University was one of the most successful institution at the awards.

AQUA was formed in 1987, by a small group of researchers at a conference in Mildura, Victoria, Australia. It aims to bring together researchers that study the Quaternary climate and landscape changes in the diverse and spectacular Australasian region, which extends from Antarctica to the tropics. The organisation aims to provide a forum for Quaternary Researchers working in this region to collaborate.

The awards were as follows:
Best Student Poster:
Commended: Haidee Cadd (supervisors: Associate Professor John Tibby and Dr Jonathan Tyler)
Joint winner: Charles Maxson (supervisors: Assoc. Prof. John Tibby, Dr Jonathan Tyler and Dr Cameron Barr)

Best Student (Hons or Masters) Talk:
Winner ($300): Sarah McDonald (supervisor: Dr Jonathan Tyler)

Best Student (PhD) Talk:
Commended: Jacinta Greer (supervisors: Dr Francesca McInerney and Assoc. Prof. John Tibby)
Winner ($500): Haidee Cadd (supervisors: Assoc. Prof. John Tibby and Dr Jonathan Tyler)

Here the list of award winners.

The Environment Institute helped support these students with their travel costs and are proud of their results.

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