Forum success at ‘Meeting Australia’s Climate Change Targets: Price, Opportunity and Pathways’

The Environment Institute and the Centre for Energy Technology was excited to host a joint forum ‘Meeting Australia’s Climate Change Targets: Price, Opportunity and Pathways’ on the 29th of April 2019. The forum brought together scientific experts who presented their perspectives of different options to meet our emissions targets by 2050 and answered key questions about policy, technology and pathways. It was an exciting night which was well attended by the public.

Australian Public and Farmers’ Climate Change Beliefs and Behaviour
Professor Sarah Wheeler is an agricultural and resource economist and the Associate Director of Research with the Centre for Global Food and Resources, Faculty of Professions. Her research interests include climate change adaptation and behaviour by farmers and consumers, and water policy in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Measurement and feedback
Associate Professor Nick Falkner is Director of the Australian Smart Cities Consortium, working across disciplines to address the multi-faceted problems of human habitation, with a focus on using technology in the best ways to enhance quality of life and drive economic development. He sees sustainability, and reduced environmental impact, as one of the key outcomes of Smart Cities approaches.

The world’s largest natural carbon sink on earth: the ocean
Professor Bronwyn Gillanders is the Deputy Director, Environment Institute and a marine biologist from the University of Adelaide. She is currently leading the climate action through blue carbon research at the University.

Limiting, sharing access to and permitting use of our climate
Professor Mike Young (Centre for Global Food and Resources) is best known for his contribution to the development of robust natural resource and environmental policies. In recent times, his research has focused on the development of market-based approaches to the resolution of water scarcity and quality issues.

CO2mitigation – a cost or an opportunity?
Professor Gus Nathan is the founding director of the Centre for Energy Technology, who specialises in the transformation of heavy industry toward carbon-neutral energy and the production of solar fuels. Among his many awards, he is a recipient of a Discovery Outstanding Research Award by the Australian Research Council.

Decarbonizing the Transport Sector in Australia
Professor Bassam Dally is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Energy Technology and has expertise in substantial energy, fuels and combustion. Bassam’s contributions have been recognized in many award including being named: Energy Professional of the Year (2016) by the Australian Institute of Energy SA and Fellow of the International Combustion Institute (2019).



Photo: Professor Barbara Pocock, Australian Greens Candidate for Adelaide, Senator Rex Patrick, Centre Alliance and Environment Institute Director Professor Bob Hill.

Photo: L to R Professor Bassam Dally, Professor Nick Falkner, Professor Sarah Wheeler, Professor Gus Nathan, Professor Bronwyn Gillanders, Professor Mike Young, Professor Bob Hill (Director Environment Insititute), Mrs Susan Jeanes (Facilitator)

Watch the full forum here:

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