Tahlia Perry announced as The University of Adelaide STEM Young Achievers Award Winner

We are delighted to announce PHD student Tahlia Perry has won the renown Young Achievers: University of Adelaide STEM Award.

Known for her successful EchidnaCSI project, Tahlia’s PHD research focuses on understanding echidna biology and distribution Australia wide in order to better protect them. Echidnas are ecologically and evolutionarily important but conservation efforts are limited by a lack of knowledge. She has developed molecular tools to provide high quality data for wild echidna conservation and captive breeding programs.

Tahlia runs EchidnaCSI where the community submits sightings of wild echidnas through a dedicated App. This information, along with collected echidna scats for molecular analysis aides her research.

Tahlia is a passionate science communicator and women in STEM ambassador. We congratulate her on the award.

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