Measurement and feedback for Climate Change by Associate Professor Nick Falkner

Associate Professor Nick Falkner is Director of the Australian Smart Cities Consortium, working across disciplines to address the multi-faceted problems of human habitation, with a focus on using technology in the best ways to enhance quality of life and drive economic development. He sees sustainability, and reduced environmental impact, as one of the key outcomes of Smart Cities approaches.

Here he speaks on ‘measurement and feedback’ at the public forum ‘Meeting Australia’s Climate Change Targets: Price, Opportunity and Pathways’ hosted by the Environment Institute and Centre for Energy Technology at the University of Adelaide on the 29th of April 2019.

Associate Professor Nick Falkner begins by acknowledging humans abilities to adapt to change – we always respond to changes in the environment. But how do we provide incentives to people? Can we reward them? Watch the remaining speech below.

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