Associate Professor Patrick O’Connor New Chair of the National Landcare Network

This year marks Landcare’s 30th year in assisting farming and conservation agendas to move together to progress sustainable practice in agro-ecological landscapes. Landcare was originally launched by Prime Minister Bob Hawke and bought together thousands of Landcare groups.

Today, tens-of-thousands of Landcare volunteers are active in the protection of Australia’s environment and in promotion of best practice in sustainable management. The National Landcare Network (NLN) is the representative body for Landcare groups across Australia and works to provide a voice for Landcare at the national level.

We’re delighted to announce that Associate Professor Patrick O’Connor has been elected the new Chair of the National Landcare Network and aims to support the movement of people who are working in Australia towards the UN SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals). The NLN is made up of representatives from each State and Territory, who come together to share their successes and support one another in overcoming challenges.

Patrick says “Landcare is a movement of people who recognise the importance of the environment in their lives, livelihoods and the life of the planet”. He acknowledges First Nations involvement in Landcare is extremely strong and is determined in help facilitate strong relationships with all involved in future.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Landcare, there is a South Australian state community conference in October 2019.

Landcare aim: To tell a collective story that reflects the shared experiences of Landcarers across Australia, and advocate for the Landcare movement to enable it to continue its essential work building resilient and productive landscapes, and protecting our natural environment.

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