52 Climate Actions – How you can make positive changes daily

A number of international, permaculture organisations have joined forces to promote permaculture based solutions to climate change. This eventuated after the International Permaculture Convergence declaration to the Paris Climate Conference in 2015.

The aim of this partnership is to:

  • help people understand their personal power in tackling climate change
  • show people the best responses to climate change
  • promote these solutions to a wide audience
  • inspire people to action to help them reduce their carbon footprint, adapt to climate change, and embrace a low carbon culture
  • be rooted in permaculture, a design system that aims to create sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns

Together, the organisations have devised 52 actions – one change per week of the year, keeping it to a manageable number. They’ve chosen actions that are both powerful and realistic for individuals and communities. It includes a wide variety of actions and aims to have the best and most inspiring 52 activities.

This approach encourages communities to take a grass-roots approach to making a difference – starting in their own back yard.

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