EVENT: Dr Myall Tarren to present Science in the Pub Adelaide

Science in the Pub presents the Great Evolutionary Transitions in Animals and Plants

Date: Friday 6th December 2019
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Where: The Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax Street, Adelaide
Bookings: Free, book here

How did life leap from one single-cell entity in the ocean to the millions of animals, plants and bacteria we see today?

Fortunately Adelaide has world-class experts that can guide us through this journey. The panel for the evening includes:
– Dr Alice Clement: Research Associate, Flinders Palaeontology Group, Flinders University
– Dr Myall Tarran: Adjunct Palaeobotanist, Environment Institute, The University of Adelaide
Paul Curnow: Astronomy Lecturer, School of Natural and Built Environments, UniSA City East Campus

About Science in the Pub

Mass media, such as television and the internet, provide a seemingly limitless source of information, but determining which sources of information are credible can be difficult. The monthly Science in the Pub gatherings will explore hot topics in science, with the goal of helping you to sort through and evaluate the evidence available for the topic. Each month we will bring together a panel of people with specific expertise about the topic to help you form a rational, evidence-based opinion about the topic.

The setting of the monthly gatherings will be very informal. You can come-and-go as you please (whenever you need a refill) and there is no cost to attend. Each panellist will spend about 10 minutes talking about their experience with the topic and present a summary of the data available for the topic. After this brief introduction to the topic, we will hold an open discussion that is driven largely by questions from the audience. If you ask a question of the panellist you will be entered in a raffle for a $25 gift certificate for food at the pub!

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