PHD student using satellite imagery to show burn impacts on Kangaroo Island

An early summer of unprecedented heat with lack of rain has led to devastating fires on Kangaroo Island.

Boone Law, a PhD student for the Spatial Sciences program in the Environment Institute, has deviated away from his usual studies to focus on mapping the bushfire burn areas on Kangaroon Island, South Australia. He has been releasing this information publicly, over the past six weeks.

This study has been of deep interest to Boone, as he and his family live on the island within the close-knit KI community. He hopes the imaging will be used for future ‘land management, habitat assessment, fire prevention, or just so folks can have a better understanding of the distribution of burnt areas across the island’.

To access the rest of his blog post and download up to five high-resolution images, visit Spatial Points.

Image: Kelly Hill Caves Area, by Boone Law

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