ABC Adelaide interviews Assoc. Prof. Diego García-Bellido

A love and dedication to South Australian fossils will be shared at Science in the Pub.

This week, Diego was interviewed by David Bevan about the upcoming, sold out Science in the Pub event he will be speaking at.

He says the lack of forest in South Australia allows the exposure of rocks, making our state the perfect place for fossils. After many years in the field, his favourite fossil still being from the Cambrian Sea – the Anomalocaris.

Diego’s enthusiasm for fossils flows as he talks about his work on Kangaroo Island’s, Emu Bay Shale.

“South Australian fossils in the story of life” event is on Friday 7th February 2020. Speakers include:

  • Assoc. Prof. Diego García-Bellido – Kangaroo Island’s, Emu Bay Shale – Cambrian period
  • Dr Felicity Coutts – Flinders Rangers – Ediacaran period
  • Dr Liz Reed – Naracoorte – Mega fauna fossils

Listen to the interview now with Diego

Starting at 45mins 50sec.

Visit the SA Museum to view the fossils Assoc. Prof. Diego García-Bellido has spoken about.

Images: from Science at the Pub twitter

Above: ABC Adelaide radio studio with David Bevan and Assoc. Prof. García-Bellido

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