PUBLIC SEMINAR: Ecology and Evolution Series – Summer #4

For this series, we’re exploring global problems and local solutions in ‘Adapting to extreme weather in our changing world’.

You are welcome to join us for the fourth Ecology and Evolution Summer Series public event. In this seminar we explore how one of Australia’s favourite native flowers are being impacted by climate change and how conservation efforts can lessen the effects of climate change.

Date: Friday 28 February 2020
Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Benham Lecture Theatre, Benham building, North Terrace campus
RSVP: not required
Contact: Dr Jasmin Packer (08) 8313 5576

This week’s event features the following presenters:

Samantha Bywaters

PhD candidate – School of Biological Sciences
Samantha is researching how wild Australian orchids are being impacted by climate change and what can be done about it. This will be her introductory PhD seminar, Conserving orchids in a changing climate. Sam’s supervisors are Professor Andy Lowe, Dr Greg Guerin and Associate Professor Ben Sparrow.

Dr Camille Mellin

Research Fellow – University of Tasmania and Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies ; and Affiliate – Environment Institute and School of Biological Sciences
Camille will present about past and new lines of research on how conservation actions can alleviate the detrimental effect of climate change on marine biodiversity and consequences for human health and wellbeing, including food security.

For up-to-date information, visit the Faculty of Sciences.

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